Custom Made Cast Iron Railings for Homes and Businesses


Railings serve a two-fold purpose: they are a safety barrier as well as an ornamental piece. Wrought iron is really popular because it brings about a rustic and vintage look that goes well even with contemporary homes. Countless design ideas are available, and you can also opt for custom made patterns. If you’re at a lost for ideas, here are a few popular options.

Design Ideas


  • Diamonds –A diamond pattern between each or every other rail is a simple yet elegant design.
  • Forged Scrolls – Instead of vertical rails, a forged scroll design utilizes a spiral design that resembles a rolled parchment scroll. This type of pattern is prominent in Barouque-style architecture.
  • Tapered Lamb’s Tongue – This is similar in style to a forged scroll design except that there are vertical rails, and the design is usually only present at the far ends of the rails to add a visual element at the bottom and top portion of a staircase.

Uses for Railings


Aside from design, also consider where railings can be installed aside from the obvious like stairwells and the front porch. For businesses, they have a wide range of applications. This includes establishing a boundary when it comes to outdoor seating for a restaurant or cafe. If there’s a ramp for handicap accessibility, then rails can also be included for decoration’s sake.

With improved welding technology, there is no limit with respects to the types of railing designs that are available. To learn more about railings from ornamental iron in Santee, visit this website for more information.


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